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Types of Payment

Advance Bank Transfer (3% Discount)

You will receive a 3% discount if you pay by advance bank transfer. After ordering, you will automatically receive an email with the information necessary for the back transfer.

Providing your goods are in stock, we will dispatch your order as soon as your payment has been cleared by the bank. Within Germany, a bank transfer takes about 1-2 days, and transfers abroad take about 4-5 days.

Please note that it is not possible to purchase Connox gift vouchers using the payment method "prepayment with 3% discount".

Payment by Direct Debit

If you choose to pay via Direct Debit, your order will be delivered immediately. The direct debit will only occur after your order has been processed, of course. Please make sure that the correct bank information is used and that your account is adequately covered. If this is not given, you might be charged with expensive transfer fees, according to out GTC.
Should you have any questions about your order or the direct debiting, please contact us and do not seek return of the payment! This might lead to unnecessary fees as well, which we might charge you with.

Payment by Credit Card

You can pay by credit card. We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Please specify the name of the credit card owner, the credit card number, the security digits, and the validity of the credit card. The security digits are found on the back of your credit card. They are the last three or four digits.
If you have any questions about your order or the credit card payment, please contact us. Please do not request a payment reversal! This will lead to unnecessary costs, which we may bill you for.

Which credit cards do we accept?

We accept credit cards from American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

How does a credit card payment work?

Choose the “credit card” payment method in the ordering process. Please indicate your name, the credit card number, as well as the security digits and the expiration date of the card.

The security digits are usually on the back of your credit card. Security digits are never embossed, they are always printed. The MasterCard and Visa security digits consist of three numbers. They are the last three numbers in the signature field on the back of the card. The security digits of the American Express card are four digits and are placed on the front of the credit card.

When will my credit card be charged?

The amount to be paid will only be charged to your credit card once your goods have been shipped.

What should I do in the case of uncertainties?

If you have any questions about your order or the credit card payment, please contact us. Please do not request a payment reversal! This will lead to unnecessary costs, which we may bill you for.

3D Secure
What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a procedure developed by VISA (“Verified by VISA”) and MasterCard (“Mastercard SecureCode”) to improve the security of online transactions and requires the entry of an additional password. This makes the misuse of credit cards almost impossible.

MasterCard provides additional information here about the "MasterCard SecureCode". This process is called of "Verified by Visa" at Visa. Find more information here. You will also find detailed descriptions of the data entry fields for the security measures.

If your card is already registered for 3D Secure, you will be asked to enter your password after having given your credit card data. Then, the payment process will continue.

If your card is suitable for 3D Secure, but is still not registered for the procedure, you will be asked to choose a 3D Secure password and to provide some personal data. This data is sent directly to the company you received the credit card from - the distributor and the payment service provider will not have access to this information. Once you are registered, the payment process will continue and your card will be registered for 3D Secure. Any future purchases will then proceed by 3D Secure, where your password will be required.

For more information on 3D secure and whether your card is suitable for this procedure, please contact your credit card company.

Payment via PayPal

PayPal is a safer, simpler way to send and receive money online, for free. Safer: Your bank and credit card data is only viewed by PayPal. Therefore you will not have to send it over the internet every time you purchase something online. Simple: You pay with two clicks. Since your bank or credit card data has been stored by Paypal, you don’t waste time re-entering your data. Fast: PayPal payments arrive quickly. The seller can send the goods immediately and you will usually receive them sooner.

Sign in and use PayPal immediately:

  • Create a PayPal account at Get Started
  • Link your bank account or your credit card with your PayPal account
  • And already you can pay with PayPal.
Paying with a Gift Voucher

You want to give a special gift, but don’t know what to buy? You will always be right with our gift vouchers, as good design always comes from the heart.

The value of the voucher can be selected in several intervals between 20 EUR and 200 EUR. The voucher is sent to you as a PDF document, so that it is also visually delighting. The image includes a code, which is simply entered like any other discount code in the relevant field in the shopping cart.

What else is good to know?
Please note that, for security reasons, we send out all gift vouchers manually. The processing and sending of the vouchers is therefore only possible from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Our gift vouchers have no expiration date.

If the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the bought goods, you will have to enter the voucher code in the notes field when placing your order. You will get a new code with the remaining amount of the voucher. With this new code, you can save again on your next order.

Electronic Invoice

An e-Invoice is the electronic version of the traditional invoice on paper. It will be sent electronically – usually via email – and it has an electronic signature, which legally equates it to traditional paper invoices.

We will send you an e-Invoice as an attachment to your order confirmation email. It is also possible to open and print your invoice in your personal customer area.

What is an electronic signature and how do I verify it?

The electronic signature allows for an auditable and legally binding invoice in electronic form (PDF). The signature confirms the identity of the issuer and guarantees that the invoice cannot be changed later on.

The electronic signature of our e-Invoice can be checked in the signature portal web page if desired. This verification, as well as the storage of the verification protocol, is mandatory for companies that want to receive an input tax deduction.

What are the advantages of e-Invoices?

At Connox, we are committed to sustainability and to reducing our carbon footprint. We use e-invoices to avoid unnecessary print-outs and to reduce paper consumption.

We want to reduce paper consumption as much as possible. Connox operates a paperless office: all of our documents are edited and sent electronically.

VAT Refund

Wanneer u een werknemer van een diplomatieke dienst bent, u woont buiten de Europese Unie en u zelf de bestelling heeft geplaatst, betalen wij de omzetbelasting met terugwerkende kracht terug op vertoon van uw diplomatieke identiteitskaart.

For this, please note the following:

VAT will be refunded to individuals exporting goods in their personal luggage to a destination outside of the EU on a non-commercial basis and intended for private use. This generally refers to cases in which a retailer hands over the task of delivery for his bricks and mortar shop to an employee that lives in a non-EU country. Tax-free export in a non-commercial context requires that:
• the foreign customer has a place of residence in the third country;
• the goods are exported before the end of the third calendar month following the month of delivery (three-month period);
• the goods are not intended for the equipment, fuelling and provisioning of private means of transport (eg car, motorboat or plane). If a purchaser has several residences, the usual place of residence will be regarded as the country in which they’ve set up home with their family and are in full-time employment. This applies primarily to customers who do not have a residence in a third country and have kept their residence in the country of origin, including:
a. Foreign workers and students during their stay in the Community territory;
b. Members of foreign armed forces stationed in the Community territory;
c. Staff of foreign missions in the Community territory (for example embassies, embassies, consulates, commercial agencies).

• The customs office at the border confirm the processing of the goods presented for export and specified in the invoice as well as the provided name, address, passport number and other documents authorising them to cross the border with a stamp indicating the date and place where the goods exited the EU.
• If your place of residence was outside of the EU during the time of the delivery, but can’t prove this to the border customs office, replacement certification can be issued, e.g. by an official agent of the Federal Republic of Germany (eg German diplomatic mission) in the importing country. Replacement certification by non-EU customs offices will not be recognised.
Please also see the information for VAT exemption of non-commercial exports.

The VAT refund will be subject to a fee of 12% of the refundable tax amount.

Please note that the examination and processing can take up to 20 working days.
We reserve the right to refuse tax refunds if there are insufficient or incorrect documents.

Please send the following documents in their original form to the address below:
• Original invoice stamped by customs,
• Completed Annex 2 from the BMF (Federal Ministry of Finance) document for VAT exemption of non-commercial exports and
• Copy of your identity card as proof of your residence abroad (outside of the EU).

Connox GmbH
Aegidientorplatz 2a
D - 30159 Hanover

Overdue Payment

The payment date of invoices from our shop is generally in 10 days. After that period of time you will be reminded about your invoice via email.

After another 14 days you will get an overdue notice letter, and will be charged a 5 EUR overdue payment fine.

If you don’t react to this notice, the procedure will be passed to a debt collection agency, which is connected to additional fees. From this point, Connox will no longer be responsible for further procedures regarding your invoice and the debt collection agency will get in touch with you from this point onwards.