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Receive your package faster than everyone else, benefit from offers of up to 70 percent off, stay up to date with our news and inspirations via e-mail - as a ConnoxPlus member you get the most out shopping with Connox!

When you first register, we give you a 1 Euro voucher for your next order (with a minimum order value of 80 Euros) - a welcome gift from us for you.

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On this page you will find information on the following topics:

Plus Advantages: exclusively for members

Collect points and save on your next order.
Only our ConnoxPlus members can collect loyalty points: every euro spent is converted into money saved on future orders.

Access offers of up to 70% off
In your customer account you can expect exclusive offers - selected furniture and home accessories from our range with more than 27,000 articles at unbeatable prices.


Be the first to hear about new products, offers and trends
As a ConnoxPlus members, you will benefit from regular newsletters that you can customise in your customer account by selecting the topics that interest you. You'll be kept up to date with all our special offers, as well as the latest designs, styles, home inspiration and upcoming giveaways. We'll even send you a gift on your birthday!

Cash in your welcome gift
As a thank you for your registration you will receive a 1 Euro voucher for your next order. Please note that you will only receive this voucher when you register for the first time. Minimum purchase value is 80 Euros.

Priority dispatch
We put orders from ConnoxPlus members at the top of the pile. That means that your order jumps straight to the front of the queue! Our warehouse team will prioritise your order over others, carefully but quickly collecting and packaging your items so that your order can be dispatched as soon as possible.


Earn 5% Back on Every Order with ConnoxPoints

Thank you for your loyalty.
Whether you buy furniture, electronics, household goods or accessories - you will earn ConnoxPoints for every order you place as a ConnoxPlus member. You get 5 points for every 1 Euro you spend, and each ConnoxPoint is worth 0,01€ off your next order - that means you get 5% of your order value back in points to spend at Connox!


Evaluate your products and earn even more points.
You can also get ConnoxPoints for product reviews - 100 points per review. This is how reviews help you save money and help other customers with their decisions. Please note: A product review must contain at least 200 characters and refer to the purchased product. You will not receive points until your review has been approved.

You should also know that:
The ConnoxPoints will be credited to your customer account automatically seven days after purchase and can be redeemed with your next order directly through the shopping cart. The current number of ConnoxPoints is based on the number of orders you have placed in the last 18 months. The ConnoxPoints for reviews only apply to products that were actually purchased in our shop. Products from our Designer furniture sale cannot be evaluated.

When can collected ConnoxPoints be redeemed?

  • for reviews after 3 days
  • for invoices after 7 days

How can collected ConnoxPoints be redeemed?
In the shopping cart you will see the current number of ConnoxPoints among your selected products. Below you will find a button "+ Redeem now". Click on it to offset your ConnoxPoints against the sum of your order. If the purchase value is less than the value of your ConnoxPoints, only the necessary amount will be charged. The remaining points will be available for your next order at Connox.

What happens when you return a product that has ConnoxPoints credited to it?
If there is a case of returns after the ConnoxPoints have already been credited to the customer account, the corresponding number of points will automatically be deducted. If you have already redeemed your ConnoxPoints in the meantime, your points balance may be negative. No problem: With the next purchase and the upcoming points, this number will balance out again.

How much is a ConnoxPoint worth?
1 ConnoxPoint represents 0,01€. If the available ConnoxPoints amount is greater than the order value, the ConnoxPoints will be adjusted automatically. An invoice amount of 0,01€ can of course not be reduced.

How long can ConnoxPoint be redeemed?
18 months. If you do not redeem your ConnoxPoints, they expire after a period of one and a half years.

Registration: become a member with a few clicks

Start earning today.
With just a few steps you can register as a ConnoxPlus member. If you are a new customer, we need your name and e-mail address. If you already have a customer account, you can give your consent to receive ConnoxPlus e-mails on the mentioned page and are automatically registered as a member. We look forward to hearing from you!


Earn points, save, inspire, get your orders as quickly as possible - get the most out of your shopping experience with Connox. Become a ConnoxPlus member!